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Annals of Respiratory Medicine and Lung Disease


Annals of Respiratory Medicine and Lung Disease is an open access and bimonthly journal which globalizes the awareness of this medicinal and medical information freely without any subscription for the online users. We take delivery of all sorts of articles along with original papers, reviews, brief commentaries, case reviews and many more. The board for the journal consists of specialists, pharmacologists, scientists, practioners, and professors. Published articles undergo a certain peer-reviewed technique via authorities with the identical backgrounds. We simply welcome type pointers from the readers which are inside the scope of the journal.

The journal largely focuses on human pulmonary and respiratory health. Focus matters include the lungs, respiration (oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange), respiratory diseases, epidemiology, treatments, recent advances and therapeutic interventions. Tobacco usage, family history, obesity, HIV/AIDS, diet, and chemical exposures that are the major danger factors for respiratory diseases constitute a significant element of the scope of the journal. Through open access, posted work is freely available, and upon acceptance and formatting, will become reachable to other professionals immediately.

Peer-review policy

This Journal uses double-blind peer review processes and publishes high-quality articles in various categories including original research articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, perspectives, editorials, editorial letters, etc. The members of the Journal Editorial Board conduct the peer review process and other eminent experts provided that at least two or more independent reviewers approve the article, followed by the approval of the editors for final acceptance.

Published articles are freely accessible worldwide and can be accessed or downloaded without the permission of the publisher, but the copyright is maintained. Under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License articles are distributed.

Readers are always welcome to share their views / suggestions in the journal’s context.

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