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The Gastrointestinal Surgery Journal


The Gastrointestinal Surgery Journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that updates the surgeon on the latest gastrointestinal surgery developments. The journal includes original articles on digestive tract surgery; gastrointestinal images; articles, topic reviews, book reports, editorial columns, guest speaker articles, symposia, letters, conference results, and more. This is the Alimentary Tract Society for Surgery’s official publication. The paper serves as an excellent outlet for continuing education in the gastrointestinal tract’s surgery and diseases.

  • Provides updates on the new gastrointestinal surgery innovations
  • Includes original surgery papers; gastrointestinal images; posts, subject reviews, book reports, and more.
  • Functions as a forum for continuing training in gastrointestinal tract surgery and diseases.
  • Of the writers who responded to the survey, 100% indicated that they would certainly publish or possibly publish it again in the journal.

Peer-review policy

The Journal uses double-blind peer review methods and publishes high-quality articles in various categories including original research papers, review articles, case reports, brief messages, opinions, editorials, editorial letters, etc. The members of the Journal Editorial Board conduct the peer review process and other eminent experts provided that at least two or more independent reviewers approve the article, followed by the approval of the editors for final acceptance.
Published articles are freely accessible worldwide and can be viewed or downloaded without any consent but with the author’s copyright. Under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License articles are distributed. Readers are always welcome to share inline & within the context of the paper their views / suggestions.

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